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Kroger Ends “Hero Bonus” for Its Workers



The spread of the pandemic worldwide has seen a rise in bonuses and allowances for employees who are seen to be in the frontline in the fight against the virus. Doctors, nurses and those working in the food stores and restaurants are some of those faced by the threat of the virus while performing their day to day activities.

According to the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Kroger has ended bonuses that were being offered to its employees. The “hero bonus” was being offered to the supermarket chain’s workers since April.

Kroger has been awarding a $2 an hour bonus to its workers. This is because the employer viewed its employees as front liners in the fight against the coronavirus.

In a statement, Kroger said, “In the coming months, we know that our associates’ needs will continue to evolve and change as our country recovers. Our commitment is that we will continue to listen and be responsive, empowering us to make decisions that advance the needs of our associates, customers, communities and business. We continuously evaluate employee compensation and benefits packages. Our average hourly wage is $15 and with benefits factored in, like health care, the hourly wage is over $20.”

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