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US Rejects Chinese-Made N95 Respirator Masks for Failure to Protect Against Coronavirus



The spread of the novel coronavirus in the US and worldwide has brought about the need for people to wear masks to prevent the spread. This caused the rise in the imports of masks and other protective gear from China into the US.

The US Food and Drug Administration has now withdrawn emergency authorisation for Chinese-made N95 respirator masks due to claims that the masks are not upto the U.S. safety standards. Seven companies were allegedly supplying devices that do not protect users from contracting COVID-19. In a press release, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said “Respirators that no longer appear in Appendix A may not reliably provide a minimum percent particulate filtration efficiency of 95 percent. Among products removed from Appendix A to date, the following failed to demonstrate a minimum percent particulate filtration efficiency of 95 percent in testing conducted by NIOSH [National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health].”

Among Chinese companies decertified include; CTT Co.; Daddybaby Co; Dongguan Xianda Medical Equipment Co.; Guangdong Fei Fan Mstar Technology; Guangdong Nuokang Medical Technology Co.; Huizhou Huinuo Technology Co.; and Lanshan Shendun Technology Co.

The FDA says it will now increase surveillance of masks being brought in from China.

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