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Second Lawsuit Filed Against Apple Due to ‘Inferior’ 2×2 MIMO Antennas on iPhone XR 



Apple is facing a second lawsuit that claims that it knew about the defective 2×2 MIMO antenna array in the iPhone XR and still pushed the product in the market. 

A previous class-action lawsuit filed against Apple at the same court, the US District Court for the Northern District of California, claimed that the company failed to disclose the importance of iPhone XR’s Antennas and made a profit from the sale of defective technology

The new lawsuit is filed on behalf of 13 plaintiffs and the rest of the people who unknowingly purchased the product. All 13 people named in the lawsuit experienced the same problems with their iPhone XR.

Robert Altmann is one of the 13 and claims that he had reception problems since purchasing his phone. The problems include constant dropped calls, cutting in and out calls, and slowed download speeds. Altmann’s family members do not experience the same problems with the different types of phones they use in the same house with the iPhone XR user.

The 2×2 MIMO array used to have a single antenna meant to receive cellular data. A MIMO array allows a phone to use two or more such antennae concurrently. This way, the device is able to transfer more data at a time, meaning faster download speeds.

“The 2×2 MIMO antenna array is inferior technology that causes connectivity problems such as slow download speeds and frequent dropped calls,” according to the lawsuit.  “Apple knew or should have known that it was selling an inferior product, yet Apple failed to disclose the iPhone XR’s defect to consumers who reasonably expected the latest Apple product to have the most advanced technology.”

The iPhone XR has relatively weak connectivity speeds compared to the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS Max Plus.

The amount of damages and legal fees being sought in the lawsuit were not specified. The lawsuit would also include an order to stop Apple from performing further deceptive and unfair business practices.

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