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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Sue Centegix for Defective Security System



A Georgia-based security company is being sued by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for the supply of a defective security system. The district believes the company, Centegix, was well aware of the defects in the system and still sold it to them. The system gives teachers and other workers panic cards to wear like badges and press it when there is an emergency. When pressed, a signal is sent across campus in the form of color-coded lights and alerts.

In the lawsuit filed Wednesday, April 29, the CMS is seeking to recover the full amount paid plus other expenses, including loss of employee time. It claims that Centegix signed a contract to supply a working system but instead knowingly sold a defective product.

In response to the lawsuit, Centegix replied, ” Contrary to what CMS alleges, the CENTEGIX system worked and protected CMS’s students and teachers on multiple occasions. We stand by our solution, the results of the testing conducted by district personnel, and live operational results. Our system works as promised.”

Before realizing that the system was faulty, the district had spent over $1 million in the installation of the systems from Centegix. The original agreement was worth $1.75 million. A report on the matter was made public by Superintendent Earnest Winston. He ordered Centegix to fix the system on January 10th and gave them a 30-day deadline, which Centegix did not fulfill. The district, therefore, declined to pay the remaining $600,000 of the contract and is now seeking to recoup the money spent on the system.

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